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Education is important to Batman, so classroom visits are a great reward for little hard working scholars. School assemblies are also a great time to call on the services of the Arkham Knight. “Batman/Bruce Wayne” in the comics attended courses at Cambridge, the Sorbonne, and other European universities starting at the age of 14. Not having super powers requires Batman to be at the height of human intellect to fight crime and foil the Joker’s diabolical plans, and this is not possible without education. Batman-4-Hire has a similar relationship to education as he started his scholastic journey in special ed. classes throughout elementary school. Struggling to read and keep up with other students, Batman-4-Hire had to overcome crippling labels and academic obstacles early on. However, by the grace of God, hard work, and some good teachers, Batman-4-Hire not only gained the victory over elementary school’s challenges but grew to succeed in middle school, high school, college and graduate school. He now teaches at a local University and views education as a key component in social mobility. Aside from being an advocate of diligent students, focused and invested teachers, and higher education, Batman-4-Hire is also very much against bullying in all its dastardly forms and promotes treating each other with kindness and respect. Since Batman grew up with trauma and fear that he eventually conquered, he now wants to make sure no one else has to live with anxiety or ridicule. Book Batman-4-Hire for your school or class room today and help him fight for justice and encourage others to be the best they can be.   

Terms and Conditions: Once you click the book now button it will take you to a checkout page in which you can make a payment for the first hour (the first hour payment serves as the deposit as well) if more time is desired simply indicate that at checkout under “Additional Information –Order Notes”, however the payment for additional time will be taken at the event with a credit/debit card swiper, or cash. The event will not be booked until the first hour has been added to the cart and purchased through the website. Also, if you had something else in mind other than what is in the description that you would like Batman-4-Hire to do while at your event simply call, text, email, or Facebook us @batman-4-hire to see what is possible. We are happy and open to customize orders.

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